Saville Homes Client Testimonials

At Saville Homes, client feedback is extremely important to us! That is why we encourage and solicit feedback from our valued clients so that we can improve our client communication and production process.

  • Sheldon did a good job on my house. The house was like a love in first sight. We love the design, the plan, the materials, the location, the finishing, and....etc! In addition, the way that Sheldon explained how he built the house, is clear and amazing. You can tell Sheldon had put his heart and efforts on building the house, and that's what we want. After 4 years living in the house now, not a single problem or recall, amazing! Thank you Sheldon, amazing job!!

    David Yip
    Tuxedo home owner
  • Sheldon and his team do not disappoint. From conceptualization to execution, they were attentive to our needs and requests. After months of searching for a new home, we decided to go with Saville Homes. Sheldon and his team did not disappoint. They surpassed our expectations by building a custom home with quality finishings and unique architecture. From conceptualization to execution of the build, they were attentive to our needs and requests. The attention to detail and craftsmanship was evident as was Sheldon’s passion for building.

    Simone Carr
    Mount Pleasant home owner
  • I met Sheldon, owner of Saville Homes, several years ago, when my wife and I had decided to build our dream home.  We had interviewed quite a few custom home builders that came via referral and some that we had researched online.  Our house designer, Phase One Designs, had recommended that we should meet Sheldon, telling us that he was just finishing a project and that she was really impressed by the quality of the workmanship. After meeting with Sheldon and seeing his work first hand, we knew we had the builder for us.  The thing that struck us the most about Sheldon was his passion for his work and how enthusiastic he was.  It has been approximately nine months of working directly with Sheldon now, and I can easily say that it was the best choice we have made for our dream house.  Sheldon has been on site virtually every single day, making sure that nothing gets missed.  I’ve seen him pull up sleeves and get dirty and messy doing everything that the other trades don’t touch. One day I came on site and saw Sheldon jumping in the large dumpster bin to compact the waste, just to save us some money. Our site has constantly been cleaned which from what I understand many builders don’t do, which is wonderful knowing that there is nothing hidden behind these walls.  The trades that Sheldon uses are fantastic, each one I’ve met and are usually the owners of their own company, so you know that you are getting quality, not just randomly hired people to fill in.   Above all, I find the most pleasing thing of all is that Sheldon is reachable at all times.  When I have a question for him, he responds almost instantly, whether by text, email, or phone. Knowing that he is so hands on, gives me a great piece of mind.  Lastly I would say that our house is coming along right on schedule and right on budget, which is saying a lot because our house is very complicated and there is a lot of customized spaces.  The house so far looks fantastic, it has weathered two major hail storms with not a speck damage.   I am so happy with the process so far, which I understand can be the most stressful things in a persons life, but Sheldon has made the process easy, as he deals with all the stressful things before it ever becomes an issue.  Above all, I would say that if you are thinking of building a home, Sheldon at Saville Homes is the person to go with.  You will not regret it.  I doubt you will ever find another home builder that cares as much about your house as Sheldon does.

    Dennis Leung
    Crescent Heights home owner
  • I would like to highly recommend Saville Homes. We initially began with a custom quote for a basement bathroom renovation, which we are planning on going ahead with. However, since the first meeting with Sheldon at Saville, my wife and I have felt extremely comfortable with the whole process and really appreciate the recommendations that Sheldon has made to improve upon our ideas. I would completely trust Saville Homes to completely renovate my entire house and have already referred them to friends and family! Thank you Sheldon.

    Martin Dalziel
    Valley Ridge home owner
  • We had a wonderful experience building with Saville Homes. Sheldon was a delight to work with. He was on site everyday and kept us posted on the progress of the build. Whatever requests we had, even last minute ones, he took in stride. We are ecstatic with the final outcome of our home and would not change a single detail. If we were to build again, we would not hesitate to collaborate with Saville Homes.

    Simone Carr
    Home Owner
  • My experience with Sheldon at Saville Homes has been nothing short of spectacular. If I had the chance to give these guys 11/10, I would. From the first initial contact with Sheldon to the weeks leading after we had lived in our new home was phenomenal! These guys really do go out their way for the customer. Sheldon was very patient with us from the beginning. I never once felt pressured by him as I did with other builders. These guys are constantly on the ball with their follow ups and making things happen for you. With home builders it’s very hard to determine a good experience because most of the problems come after the house is built and you are living in it. I wanted to wait till after we had dealt with service to determine my overall experience. There is no such thing as a perfect house but there is a sure thing on how you deal with the problems on hand and these guys really do take the cake. I had some minor issues after moving in and they came in and took care of everything. This was our very first custom home and it can be over whelming with everything but Sheldon took care of us well. I highly, highly recommend these guys. They will take care of you from the beginning and long after

    Arun Sharma
    Home Owner
  • We could not have asked more of the Saville team! They met all of our expectations with respect to price, schedule and quality of work. They worked to a tight schedule coming into a busy Christmas season, and kept us appraised as work progressed. They were honest, helpful, responsive, and really went beyond the call of duty in every respect. They were always friendly and respectful of everyone and everything in our house, taking care not to cause a mess or damage. This was easily the best experience we have ever had with a contractor for any kind of home renovation. We would recommend Sheldon and his team to anyone, and feel confident that they would be happy with the results.

    John Fair
    Home Owner